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Cards And Their Meanings

Cards And Their Meanings

Folklore and legend have made certain playing cards mean different things. The nine of diamonds is called the “curse of Scotland” because of its connection to the battle of Calloden in 1746. The Duke of Cumberlandwrote an order to his soldiers that “no mercy” was to be shown to Scottish prisoners. He wrote it on the back of the nine of diamonds.

During the Revolution of 1688Colonel Richard Grace wrote a note on the back of a six of hearts where he defiantly stated how he valued loyalty and conscience over his own life.The six of hearts has come to signify bravery and loyalty at the risk of death.

The four of clubs is known as the Devil’s Bedpost and it’s believed by many to be anaffliction upon any hand into which it is dealt. It’s believed that it will turn good cards bad. Players feel unlucky if they are dealt a four of clubs on the first hand of the session.

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